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Fluid Abrasion

Dental treatment has changed dramatically across the years in both technique and materials. One of the most significant advances has been in the development of materials for adhesive dentistry. Filling and sealing materials that are more cosmetic and more conservative in the repair of tooth structure.

Aquacut is a tool designed to assist in the repair and preparation of teeth to take best advantage of these new materials. The traditional tool for the preparation of teeth needing repair is the air turbine or micro motor handpiece using diamond and tungsten cutting burs. While efficient, these are neither patient-friendly nor conservative of tooth structure.

The drill as it is referred to by patients is a feared instrument and with some justification as it is noisy, transmits vibration through the tooth and generates heat and smell. Where Aquacut overcomes the problems as it cuts with a fine stream of powder surrounded by a curtain of water.

Aquacut has no direct contact with the tooth and therefore does not transfer any sensation to the tooth - no noise, no smells and virtually without sensation.

- Effective, patient-friendly prophy and cavity preparation
- A fraction of the cost of a hard tissue laser- Quick and Efficient.
- Fast, efficient cutting and cleaning with high patient acceptability
- No direct contact with the tooth structure - no vibration, turbine noise
- No chipping or stress fracturing, and minimal tooth material sound
- An ideal tool for the repair of composites and existing fillings
- More conservative and versatile than a hard tissue laser

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